Franklin Digital aims to assist businesses who offer professional services by enhancing their digital presence through social media management, SEO optimisation, strategy and brand direction, as well as digital content creation. 

Inspired by the latest research in the area, Franklin Digital aims to market professional services through a balance of information sharing and subtle promotion, whilst staying up-to-date with new technological developments. In short, the aim is to attract customers by helping as well as selling

Miranda Franklin - Founder, Digital Content Marketing Specialist 

My name is Miranda, and I founded Franklin Digital in October 2018. I stumbled upon Digital Content Marketing by working a couple of hours a week for a few local businesses - an experience which led me to conclude that: 

  • Many businesses are losing their competitive edge simply due to not enough people knowing what wonderful things they're doing. 

  • Using social media to show off small businesses' achievements is such an easy way to get recognised.

  • Every business requires a social media manager/digital marketing specialist, however not all businesses require someone full-time. 

I had previously avoided traditional forms of marketing as I found them to be intrusive - however, publishing content online and framing them through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) simply entices the right people to you instead. I have now helped numerous businesses enhance their digital presence.

Client Testimonials

"Miranda has been working with Learn Implement Share as a content marketer for 9 months. During that time she has been collaboratively instrumental in the process of writing content, upgrading SEO on the website and managing social media pages. Miranda displays great initiative and her attention to detail is exceptional. "

Richard Andrew - Learn Implement Share, Founder

"Miranda was instrumental in the launch of my children's yoga company. She involved herself in many elements of digital marketing; the creation of a website where bookings can be managed, Instagram, and Facebook. Miranda then launched these channels and maintained them, before providing me with the tools to manage them myself. Such social media has attracted nearly all of my customers. She is now helping me rebrand my business in its expansion to adults yoga." 

Genevieve Greenfield - Happy Yoga Kidz, Founder

Certifications & Academic Background

  • RMIT Certification Course 'Digital Marketing Strategy' (2019). 

  • Postgraduate certificate in Internet Communications at the University of Curtin, where I submitted a thesis examining 'Engaging Industry Professionals on LinkedIn' (2019). 

  • UWA Course 'Social Media for Business' (2018).

  • English Literature Course at the University of Cambridge (2018). 

  • Bachelor of Science at the University of Western Australia, majoring in Psychology and Law (2017). 

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