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5 Tips for Getting Inspired - Digital Content Marketing

You've just checked your social media marketing schedule and find you haven't planned your posts for next week... in a sudden flurry of stress, you sit down at your desk and set about planning 4 Instagram posts, 4 Facebook Posts, 2 LinkedIn Posts, and 1 LinkedIn article. But alas... you hit a creative block!

Anyone who says that hasn't happened to them - no matter how inherently creative they are - is lying. It's something all of us face from time to time. The solution?

I've come up with 5 Tips that help unblock my creative block. Please comment below some of your own - as I would love to learn some more!

Tip 1: Check Your Calendar

By calendar I don't necessarily mean your personal calendar... (except in saying this, public holidays or events you might be attending sometimes help trigger some inspiration) - but here I'm talking more about Social Media Calendars.

On social media, pretty much every day of the year has significance. There's a #DonutDay, #SandwichDay, or even a #SocialMediaDay. But then there are also some more serious days, that might prove directly relevant to the content you want to post. For example, the 10th of October is #WorldMentalHealthDay - an excellent opportunity to raise awareness around mental health. These #days not only can inspire your content but also by using the #hashtag, you can link your post to all other posts under that topic - making your content receive some free promotion.

So check your social media calendar for all nationwide or globally recognised social media days. If you don't want to create your own, some free ones I use are here:

Trafffic Australian Social Media Calendar 2019

Makeawebsitehub National & Global Social Media Calendar 2019

HubSpot National Holiday Calendar 2019

*Make sure you double-check it's the right date for your city, as some vary with location!

Tip 2: Check Recent News

And by this, I don't just mean the news you watch on the TV, but online newspapers/articles that report news specifically relevant to your industry. For example, you might be interested in the Sydney Morning Herald news updates for Healthcare. Or, the Australian Financial Review.

You can then either share an interesting article on your chosen platform, with a comment from your perspective to spark conversation.

Or, you could use the issues presented to base an article or a graphic on.

*If you do plan on sharing an article, double-check that you don't need a subscription to view it!

Tip 3: Check Out Your Favourite Company's Social Media Pages

I have never failed to find inspiration after looking at the TED Conference website, or LinkedIn page. Whether I directly re-share a post from them, or simply use their videos to inspire a different train of thought - there's always some inspiration there.

Do you have any favourite pages that publish fascinating content, or content directly relevant to your industry? Have a look at their recent posts, and I'd be surprised if you don't unblock your creative block!

Tip 4: Share a Personal, Company, or Colleague's achievement/update/experience

Have you been to an interesting event recently? Or, has your company recently reached a milestone? Posting about an event like this doesn't have to be overtly promotional - try thinking about what you took out from it, or how it might help your audience too.

If you don't often self-promote though, don't be afraid to do it once in a while!

Tip 5: Use SEO Topics

Now, I mention this tip very hesitantly. I'm definitely not for moulding your content around a question that has come up a lot recently on google - especially if it's not particularly relevant, but you just want to use it because of the popularity. In saying this though, knowing what is often searched on google can help you stumble upon an idea or perspective you hadn't thought much about - or a prevalent issue within your industry.

For Google SEO, I use 'keywords everywhere', which I've found to be a useful free add-on that can help you find the phrases and keywords that have been searched most regularly in the past month.

Have you got any inspiration tips of your own? Or did you find these tips help un-block your creative block? I'd love to hear!

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